The Costly Truth About Financing an International Education in America

For Sam and Nick, and many international students, financing their education is often more challenging and prohibitive than the rigors of pursuing a higher education degree


Tuition costs for international students are significantly higher than for in-state residents. At the public community college level resident tuition costs approximately $46/unit; whereas, international students pay roughly five times the tuition at nearly $264/unit. And, international students are required to maintain 12 units per semester, which translates to around $6300/year.

Grants and Scholarships

Public colleges and universities rarely offer grants or scholarships to international students. Most internationals rely on private moneys to fund their education costs; however, those opportunities are rare and hard to come by. The futures of these students are reliant on the generosity of private entities, or family money, which is even more rare in third world countries.


International students are required to adhere to strict governance regarding income earning. In the first year they are not permitted to work at all. From the second year and forward their working options are limited to minimum wage, on campus jobs during the regular semesters and are restricted to a maximum of 20 hours per week. Not nearly enough to defray tuition costs.

What does this mean for students like Sam and Nick? It means they must rely on the the global village to change their destinies. Are you a destiny changer? Become the village and support these hard working international students.